09/21/2017 – RTI at Work Model Implementation

The Cost for this workshop is $100 per participant.

This workshop will center on the work of PLC and RTI expert Mike Mattos, who co-created the RTI at Work model.  The RTI at Work model uses team structures and a focus on learning results and collaboration to drive successful outcomes.  Participation in this workshop will assist school and/or district teams to create a tiered system of student support that includes:

  • Tier I: Core instruction that ensures all students have access to rigorous essential grade-level curriculum, highly effective teaching, and embedded academic/behavior support
  • Tier II: Supplemental interventions that support students in grade-level curriculum, immediate prerequisite skills and academic/social behavior expectations
  • Tier III: Intensive interventions that develop foundational prerequisite academic skills and behaviors without removing students from essential grade level curriculum.

Date:          September 21, 2017

Time:         8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Target Audience:  Classroom Teachers, Principals, Central Office Administrators.  District Teams are encouraged to attend.

Location:  WKEC Conference Center – 435 Outlet Avenue, Eddyville, KY