03/21/19 — Threat Assessment Training – REPEAT SESSION

October 4, 2018 WKEC

Threat assessment Training Based on the Virginia Student Threat Assessment Guidelines

Presenters: David Daniel & Carla Mangels

March 21, 2019

Times: 8:30-3:30

Location: WKEC Conference Center

Lunch on your own

Research has shown that students in special education make disproportionately more threats, as well as more severe threats, than peers in general education. As a result, WKEC is pleased to present Dr. Dewey Cornell’s Virginia model of Student Threat Assessment.

The Virginia model provides a 7-step decision tree and triage approach which will enable most threats to be acted upon immediately and resolved quickly. Schools are encouraged to attend this training as a multi-disciplinary team, which may include a School Principal or Assistant Principal, School Resource Officer, School Psychologist, School Counselor, School Social Worker or other team members. One of the key factors in the Virginia Model is to distinguish between transient threats (those threats spoken in anger and frustration and can be resolved easily) and substantive threats (those threats which include serious intent and detailed plans).  Thus, a threat assessment plan will delineate the difference between a student MAKING a threat versus the student who POSES a threat.