12/04/18 — M³-Powerful Mathematics: Making Math Matter – 2 day training

November 2, 2018 WKEC

M³ – Powerful Mathematics: Making Math Matter – 2 day training

Date: December 4-5, 2018

Location: WKEC Conference Center – Eddyville, KY

Time: 8:30-3:30

Audience: Special Education Teachers, K-8 (Co-Teaching Teams welcomed)

M³ – Powerful Mathematics: Making Math Matter is a 2 day, hands on, professional learning experience designed for special educators. This experience will focus on building content knowledge, understanding pedagogy, and applying research-based strategies to teaching special needs students. Teachers will receive a mathematics classroom kit including materials and manipulatives to use with students immediately. The session will be filled with opportunities to practice new strategies and learn about how to use concrete tools in a scaffolded instructional sequence.

Participants will:
• Learn and practice strategies that deepen content knowledge and pedagogy.
• Develop a better conceptual understanding of foundational concepts.
• Increase knowledge of the effective mathematics teaching and learning practices.
• Identify strategies that meet instructional goals for special needs students.

Each participant will receive:
• A copy of Teaching Student-Centered Mathematics, by Van de Walle, Lovin, Bay-Williams, and Karp

• Vertical Progression Guide from Battelle for Kids

• Grade level appropriate classroom kits (items in kits may vary based upon availability)

o Fraction Tiles (2 varieties)
o Cuisenaire rod set
o Unifix cubes
o Magnetic Ten Frame Boards Set
o Number Balance
o Base 10 Starter Set
o Fraction circles
o Pattern blocks
o Algebra tile class set

• Make-and-take activities to use in classrooms immediately