08/26/19 — Increasing the Achievement of Students with Disabilities

Date: August 26, 2019

Time: 8:30-3:30

Location: James Bruce Convention Center – Hopkinsville, KY

Targeted Audience: School Administrators, Instructional Supervisors, Directors of Special Ed., Special Ed. Teachers and General Ed. Teachers serving students with disabilities

Session Overview: Your Superintendent says “We have to drastically increase the achievement and learning of our students with disabilities…. What should we do?”   John O’Connor, author of Great Instruction Great Achievement for Students with Disabilities: A Roadmap for Special Education Administrators, has the answer.   

John O”Connor will provide a practical road map to follow to improve the achievement for all students, particularly students with disabilities. His focus on “great instruction for ALL students” will be covered through a review of research-based practices in reading instruction, mathematics and behavior.  The objectives for this training include:

  • Developing a common understanding of GREAT instruction
  • Determining priority elements of specially designed instruction 
  • Developing a road map for increasing the achievement of students with disabilities for your districtg
  • Defining steps to make it happen in your district

About the Presenter:  John O’Connor led school improvement initiatives at the state and local level during his 28 years in public education.  He started his career as a special education teacher serving students with orthopedic impairments and then held a variety of administrative positions. For nine years while working at  the Georgia Department of Education, he led state-wide initiatives to improve the achievement of students with disabilities.  He has also served in local districts as an Assistant Director for Special Education, Executive Director for Special Services, Assistant Superintendent for Student Services and Director for Interventions. John has written four books, including his most recent Great Instruction Great Achievement for Students with Disabilities: A Road Map for Special Education Administrators.  He has also co-written a textbook chapter, a  desk guide and numerous articles.  At his core, John is a teacher.