11/20/19 — New Special Education Teacher Cadre

November 20, 2019


WKEC Conference Center – Eddyville, KY

Target Audience: New Special Education Teacher Cadre members and those who attended the IEP training on October 25, 2019. 

The morning session will include the completion to the IEP training held on Oct. 25, 2019 and SOS-Save Our Sanity.

SOS-Save Our Sanity

Sometimes compassion fatigue can feel like being on a deserted island.  Teacher burnout has become an epidemic in our country and is one cause of the 17 percent annual attrition rate amongst educators.  Science has found a positive way of dealing with these emotions through self-compassion.  This session will identify self-care techniques that will assist teachers in extending their careers and avoiding the risk of burnout.

The afternoon session will include:

Sensory Dysregulation: Creating a Sensory Diet (3 Hours)

Meltdowns may be occurring due to a student’s quick switch from the parasympathetic nervous system to the sympathetic nervous system.  Research shows that students with sensory dysregulation have a greater tendency to exhibit the fight, flight or freeze reaction.  As a result, educators may incorrectly perceive an action as a behavior disorder when it is actually a symptom of sensory dysregulation.  This training defines signs of sensory dysregulation, teaches participants how to create a sensory diet for their students, and return students to sensory stasis.