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National Alliance for Accessible Golf: Grants that Promote Golf Programs for People with Disabilities

Proposal Deadline: Rolling

Accessible Golf Program Grants, administered by the National Alliance for Accessible Golf and funded by the United States Golf Association, support nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and educational institutions in their efforts to make the game of golf more accessible to people with disabilities. Priority is given to inclusive programming – opportunities that allow participants with disabilities and participants without disabilities to learn and play the game side by side. Grants of up to $20,000 are provided to assist with core golf program costs such as adaptive golf clubs and bags, golf course access, and transportation of participants to and from programming. Requests may be submitted throughout the year. Visit the Alliance’s website to download the grant guidelines.


Link: National Alliance for Accessible Golf


BoatUS Foundation Accepting Grant Applications for Safe and Clean Boating Projects

Proposal Deadline: Rolling


The BoatUS Foundation for Boating Safety and Clean Water is accepting applications for its Grassroots Grants Program, which  awards funds on an annual basis to nonprofit organizations, boating clubs, and student groups in the United States for projects that utilize innovative approaches to education about safe and clean boating.


The foundation is looking for creative projects that promote safe and clean boating on local waterways. Past topics have ranged from PSAs on the effects of boating under the influence to hands-on education about the effects of marine debris.


Projects the foundation is most interested in funding will be unique (topic, methods, or delivery mechanism); include extensive outreach to boaters; use technology to educate boaters, including social media and the Web; have a widespread reach (not just a handful of boaters); include hands-on work with the boating community; and have a way to measure the success of the program.


Applicants can include boating groups, clubs and associations, student groups, and local nonprofit organizations, including local chapters of national organizations. Grants will not be awarded to government agencies, international organizations, for-profit businesses, or individuals.


Applicants may request up to $10,000. Funded projects must be completed within a year.


After review by foundation staff, the top-ranked applications will be posted for public voting on the BoatUS Foundation website. Grant applicants will have several weeks to promote their project and encourage others to vote.


Applicants are required to submit a Letter of Intent. Upon review, selected applicants will be invited to submit a complete application.

See the BoatUS Foundation website for complete program guidelines, an eligibility questionnaire, and online application.


Link to Complete RFP



Chef Ann Foundation Accepting Applications for School Fresh Produce Program


Proposal Deadline: Rolling


The Chef Ann Foundation provides tools that help schools serve children healthy and delicious scratch-cooked meals made with fresh, whole food. To that end, the foundation, in partnership with Skoop, is accepting applications for Project Produce: Fruit and Veggie Grants for Schools, a program that aims to expand students’ palates and encourage increased consumption of and exposure to fresh produce.


Grants of up $2,500 will be awarded to school districts for programs that engage students in lunchroom education activities that encourage students to taste new vegetables and fruits offered either in a dish, cooked, or raw. Grant funds must be used to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables to support each school's planned Project Produce programming. In addition, the majority of the produce must be locally accessible and at a price point affordable to all households.


Any district or independent school participating in the National School Lunch Program is eligible to apply. Applications must be submitted by the school district's food-service director. Districts may apply for up to ten schools at $2,500 per school.


The foundation accepts applications on an ongoing basis.


For complete program guidelines and application instructions, see the Chef Ann Foundation website.


Link to Complete RFP


Wish You Well Foundation

Proposal Deadline: Rolling


The Wish You Well Foundation provides support to nonprofit organizations that promote family literacy in the United States. The focus of the Foundation is on the development and expansion of new and existing literacy and educational programs. Grants generally range from $2,000 to $10,000. Requests may be submitted at any time and are reviewed four times per year. Visit the Foundation’s website to submit an online Donation Request Form.



Good Sports Accepting Apps. for Athletic Equipment Grants

Proposal Deadline: Rolling

Good Sports in Quincy, Massachusetts, is a nonprofit whose mission is to increase youth participation in sports, recreation, and fitness activities.

To that end, the organization provides sports equipment, apparel, and footwear to youth organizations offering sports, fitness, and recreational programs to youth in need.

To be eligible, organizations must directly serve youth between the ages of 3 and 18 in an economically disadvantaged area; be located in North America (U.S. and Canada); and operate an organized sport, recreational activity, or fitness program that offers consistent and structured opportunity for play to large groups of children. Winning organizations may make up to six equipment requests within a two-year period. Winners will be responsible for operational costs, including equipment shipping, up to $1,500.

For more complete program guidelines including an FAQ, visit the Good Sports website.

Link to Complete RFP


Start a Snowball Invites Apps. for Youth Philanthropy Projects

Proposal Deadline: Rolling

Start a Snowball, Inc. encourages kids of all ages to engage in philanthropic and community service activities. The organization believes that even one child with the right intentions and support can start a project that seems small in the beginning and eventually grows (“snowballs”) into something that inspires and benefits an entire community.

In order to help kids kick off their philanthropy efforts, Start a Snowball awards $100 in seed funding for projects taken on by individuals or organizations.

To be eligible, projects must be led by youth between the ages of 5 and 18 and have the intention of doing good.

Start a Snowball does not give directly to collection funds. The organization also does not provide support for fundraisers for sports teams, unless they serve an underserved or disadvantaged group, or support projects that are discriminatory or political in nature.

Visit the Start a Snowball website for complete program guidelines and separate application instructions for individuals and organizations.

Link to Complete RFP


Pinnacle Food Service Grants

Proposal Deadline:  Rolling



  • Type: Foundations
  • Source: Pinnacle Food Service
  • Visit Website
  • Award
  • Award Min: $0.00
  • Award Max: $1,000.00
  • Quantity: Unknown


K-12 public and private schools or districts that participate in the USDA School Breakfast Program Eligible schools/districts must have a reimbursable breakfast ADP of less than 40% for the school or building applying for the grant to increase your breakfast program participation Submission of a completed grant application and a proposal describing how you intend to use the funds


Pinnacle Food Service wants to help make sure that every child has the opportunity to start their day with a delicious and nutritious breakfast – which has been shown to improve academic performance.We have developed the Pinnacle Food Service School Breakfast Building Grant Program to help you achieve this goal. The program is designed to help recipient schools increase student breakfast participation by providing supplemental funding to support or enhance an existing program or jump-start a new program. Individual Grants of up to $1,000 will be awarded on a rolling basis. How can the Pinnacle School Breakfast Building Grant Program help you?


Fruit and Veggie Grants for Schools


  • Type: Foundations
  • Source: Chef Ann Foundation
  • Visit Website
  • Award
  • Award Min: $0.00
  • Award Max: $2,500.00
  • Quantity: Unknown
  • Timing
  • Deadline: Rolling
  • Purpose: The Chef Ann Foundation has teamed up with Skoop, a superfoods company committed to bringing the health benefits of superfoods to every American. Together we have launched Project Produce: Fruit and Veggie Grants for Schools. These $2,500 grants assist you in expanding your students’ palates, and encouraging increased consumption of and exposure to fresh produce through engagement in lunchroom education activities that encourage students to taste new vegetables and fruits offered either in a dish, cooked, or raw. The goal of Project Produce is to provide funds to support the food cost of these activities which are designed
  • Eligibility: Any district or independent school participating in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) is eligible to apply.


Project Produce Grant

Proposal Deadline: Rolling

Project Produce awards $2,500 fruit and vegetable grants to schools. The application process is now open. There is no deadline.

Grants will be determined on an ongoing basis depending on available funding.

The Chef Ann Foundation has teamed up with Skoop to launch Project Produce: Fruit and Veggie Grants for Schools. These $2,500 grants assist in exposing students to a diversity of fresh fruits and vegetables, expanding their palates, and encouraging increased consumption of fresh produce through fruit and vegetable samplings and lunchroom education experiences. Offering these events to all kids whether they bring or buy lunch requires additional funds. Project Produce grants can help fill that gap.

Link:  http://www.chefannfoundation.org/programs/project-produce/


Kentucky Humanities Council Minigrants


KHC awards minigrants monthly up to $1,500. Please call the grants officer at 859-257-5932 to discuss submission dates if you do not understand the deadlines as outlined.

Grant Deadlines

Type of Grants Awarded Preliminary Application Due Final Proposal Due Notification
Minigrants Maximum amount $1,500.00 Any Time First day of monthand at least eight weeks before your project begins. Last day of month

There is no preliminary application deadline. However, it is a required step in the application process. You are not eligible to submit a final proposal if you do not submit a preliminary application. There is a deadline for the final proposal as outlined above. *All grants are dependent upon availability of federal funds. Eight-Week Rule: Final proposals (NOT preliminary applications) for minigrants must be postmarked by the first of the month AND at least 8 weeks prior to the public program supported by the minigrant. (i.e., for a December 15 event, the final proposal would be due by October 1st.)


Kentucky Humanities Council, Inc. 206 E. Maxwell Street Lexington, KY 40508 (859) 257-5932 Email: kathleen.pool@uky.edu


Caplan Foundation for Early Childhood Invites LOI's

Proposal Deadline: Rolling

The Caplan Foundation for Early Childhood supports innovative, creative projects, and programs designed to significantly enhance the development, health, safety, education, and/or quality of life of children from infancy through five years of age.

The foundation provides funding in the areas of early childhood welfare, early childhood education and play, and parenting education.

1) Early Childhood Welfare: Children can only reach their full potential when all aspects of their development, intellectual, emotional and physical are optimally supported. Providing a safe and nurturing environment for infants and preschoolers is essential, as is imparting to them the skills of social living in a culturally diverse world. To that end, the foundation supports programs that research best child rearing practices and identify models that can provide creative, caring environments to ensure all children thrive.

2) Early Childhood Education and Play: Research shows that children need to be stimulated as well as nurtured, early in life, if they are to succeed in school, work, and life. That preparation relates to every aspect of a child’s development, from birth to age 5, and everywhere a child learns -- at home, in childcare settings, and in preschool. The foundation seeks to improve the quality of both early childhood teaching and learning through the development of innovative curricula and research-based pedagogical standards, as well as the design of imaginative play materials and learning environments.

3) Parenting Education: To help parents create nurturing environments for their children, the foundation supports programs that teach parents about developmental psychology, cultural child-rearing differences, pedagogy, issues of health, prenatal care and diet, as well programs that provide both cognitive and emotional support to parents.

Letters of Intent are accepted on a rolling basis. Upon review, selected applicants will be invited to submit full applications.

Visit the Caplan Foundation website for complete program guidelines and application procedures.

Link to Complete RFP


USA TODAY Electronic Edition

Proposal Deadline:




Source: USA TODAY Charitable Foundation and its Education Partners
Program: USA TODAY Electronic Edition
Eligibility: K-12 teachers.
Purpose: USA TODAY Charitable Foundation and its Education Partners are looking for educators that would like to receive access to the USA TODAY Electronic Edition (digital) at no cost. This includes usernames and passwords for you and your students and is available now until July 2015. Terms for receiving a grant: Returning a Confirmation Delivery Form at the end of the school year is a requirement of receiving a grant.
Quantity: Unknown
Additional Information: Questions? Please Contact E-mail: Kelly R. Creamer Sales Operations Project Manager, Education Resources USA TODAY:krcreamer@usatoday.com
Website: Website


National Education Foundation CyberLearning STEM Grants

Proposal Deadline:




Source: National Education Foundation (NEF)
Program: National Education Foundation CyberLearning STEM Grants
Eligibility: Public schools in all 50 states.
Purpose: Since many public schools lack funds for STEM, at the request of several state education departments and the U.S. Department of Education, the National Education Foundation (NEF), the national non-profit leader in STEM education is offering STEM grants, with no out-of-pocket cost to any public school district or charter school with 35% or more students eligible for Free/Reduced meals.
Quantity: Unknown
Additional Information: Questions? CONTACT: Tamara Stephens, 1-703-823-9999,tstephens@nefuniversity.org
Website: Website


The Stepping Stone Grant

Proposal Deadline:




Source: Lily Sarah Grace Foundation
Program: The Stepping Stone Grant
Eligibility: First time applicants to the foundation who are educators of grades K-5 in Title 1 Schools.
Purpose: The Project should utilize Arts Infused Inquiry Based Learning to teach focusing on these key competencies: creativity, critical thinking and collaboration.
Award Max: $450.00
Quantity: Unknown
Website: Website


Salad Bars to Schools

Proposal Deadline:




Source: Let's Move Salad Bars to Schools
Program: Salad Bars to Schools
Eligibility: Who Can Apply Any district or independent school participating in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) is eligible to apply. There is just one application form for both multiple salad bar and single salad bar package requests. The food services director for your district is the required contact person for the application. Please see our FAQs if your school does not have a food services director. Eligibility Is your district ready to implement salad bars as part of your reimbursable meal program? To qualify for a Let’s Move Salad Bars to Schools grant you must offer the salad bar as part of the reimbursable meal served in your district. The 6-foot, five-well salad bar package is for locations that serve at least 100 reimbursable meals daily.
Purpose: Providing healthy eating opportunities for kids in schools is imperative. Today, the U.S. has more than 38,000,000 primary school children, and according to data from The Center for Disease Control and Prevention: Obesity prevalence among children and adolescents has almost tripled since 1980. Approximately 17% (12.5 million) of children and adolescents ages 2 – 19 years are obese. Obese children and adolescents have a greater risk of social and psychological problems, such as discrimination and poor self-esteem. Obese children are more likely to become obese adults. Adult obesity is associated with a number of serious health conditions including heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers. One out of every three Caucasian children and one out of every two Hispanic and African American children born in the year 2000 will contract diabetes in their lifetime. Our goal is for every school in the United States to have a salad bar as part of their school food service program so that every child—from elementary school, to middle school, to high school—has daily access to fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and healthy proteins.
Quantity: Unknown
Additional Information: Questions? info@saladbars2schools.org
Website: Website



P&G School Programs

Proposal Deadline:




Source: Proctor & Gamble
Program: P&G School Programs
Eligibility: The P&G School Programs are for teachers or school employees of public or private schools to use to educate their students in the 5th/6th grades and 7th grade. The Always Changing® program is specifically designed for 5th/6th grade girls and boys and the BeingGirl Health and Wellness program is specifically designed for girls 7th grade and up. Schools should only order the program designed for the specific student grade in which the program will be taught.
Purpose: Bring puberty education to life in your classroom. Designed by teachers, school nurses and physicians, our kits, handouts and supporting brochures can bolster your puberty and development curriculum with the most relevant content available. Guide and educate your 5th/6th grade and 7th grade& up students with our best-in-class educational materials.

Also see:

Teaching Kids About Dental Health


Quantity: Unknown
Website: Website


Free Books and Supplies for K-2 Students

Proposal Deadline: Rolling

Source: Wilbooks

Link: • Free Books and Supplies for K-2 Students

Every week Wilbooks will donate at least 20,000 books to K-2 children all across the country. The books are free and there is no charge for shipping and handling. Applications can only be for one classroom and all applications are considered on a first come, first serve basis.



Grants Promote Math Enhancement Programs

Proposal Deadline: Rolling

Link: The Actuarial Foundation: Advancing Student Achievement

Advancing Student Achievement (ASA), an initiative of the Actuarial Foundation, supports math enhancement programs that bridge the gap between classroom and real world mathematics for grades 4-12 students in U.S. public and private schools. Programs eligible for support may include, but are not limited to, clubs, competitions, before and after school programs, classroom extension periods, etc.

Funded programs must impact 20 to 25 students and meet a minimum of one time per month. ASA grants are for a two-year period and range up to $5,000 annually. Applications may be submitted throughout the year. Visit the Actuarial Foundation’s website to learn more about the ASA grant program.



Computers For Learning Program

Proposal Deadline:




Source: U.S. General Services Administration
Program: Computers For Learning Program
Eligibility: An educational nonprofit is eligible if it is classified as tax-exempt under section 501(c) of the United States tax code and serves pre-kindergarten through grade 12 students. In addition, education nonprofit organization must meet ALL of the following criteria to participate in the CFL program:

1.              Serve some portion of the pre-kindergarten through grade 12 population, AND

Purpose: To assist federal agencies to meet the requirements of Executive Order (EO) 12999, "Educational Technology: Ensuring Opportunity for All Children in the Next Century".В

The CFL program represents an important contribution to EO 12999, which includes making modern computer technology an integral part of every classroom, connecting classrooms to the national infrastructure, providing teachers with the professional development they need to use new technologies effectively, and encourage the use of innovative educational software.

Quantity: Unknown
Additional Information: For additional information, please e-mail the CFL program at:Computers.Learning@gsa.gov
Website: Website


KaBOOM! Invites Apps. for Community Playground Grants

Proposal Deadline: Rolling

KaBOOM! is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to saving play for America's children by creating great playspaces through community participation and leadership.

To that end, the organization is accepting applications for playground grants through Build It with KaBOOM!, a program that provides eligible communities with most of the funds, tools, and resources they need to build a custom-made playground in one day. Through the program, selected community groups work closely with a KaBOOM! project manager who will lead activities as well as coordinate equipment and material purchases for the project. Community members take the lead in recruiting volunteers, securing food and tool donations, and completing any necessary site preparation.

Municipalities and nonprofits serving children of playground age are eligible to apply. Applicants must contribute $8,500 toward the cost of playground equipment; recruit seventy-five to one hundred community volunteers to participate in playground build day; and own the land on which they wish to build, or possess a long-term lease and obtain permission from the landowner to construct a playground. In addition, they must complete any needed site preparation on at least 2,500 square feet of flat, dirt surface; secure soil tests, utility checks, and appropriate build permits in a timely manner; and accept ownership, insurance, and maintenance responsibilities for the playspace upon completion of the project.

Applications are accepted based on available funding in the area. However, KaBOOM! accepts and encourages applications on a rolling basis, as new funding opportunities change on a regular basis.

For complete program guidelines and application information, visit the KaBOOM! website.

Link to Complete RFP


Mobile Broadband Donation Program

Proposal Deadline: Rolling

Source: Digital Wish and Mobile Beacon

Link: • Mobile Broadband Donation Program

Digital Wish has teamed up to bring Mobile Beacon’s 4G Mobile Broadband Donation Program to educators on DigitalWish.org. Through Mobile Beacon’s program, qualified public schools, 501(c)3 non-profit schools, and libraries will receive up to 11 donated 4G devices when they sign up for a 1-year unlimited 4G data plan for $10 per month per device. Additionally, Mobile Beacon is offering schools in certain disaster recover states (Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island) up to 26 donated devices to help them rebuild from the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy



Batters Up USA PE Equipment Grants

Proposal Deadline: Rolling

Source: Batters Up USA

Link: • Equipment Grants

Batters Up USA provides free baseball and softball equipment (including bats, balls, tee ball sets, helmets, catcher’s gear, and bases) to local organizations. The company serves boys and girls recreational programs up to age 13. Priority will be given to programs serving a high percentage of youth in need, such as inner-city and after-school programs. Equipment will be provided on a first come, first served basis. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Fender Music: Guitar Donations to Music Instruction Programs

Proposal Deadline: Rolling

Founded in 2005, the Fender Music Foundation provides instruments and equipment for eligible nonprofit music instruction programs. Awarded items are lightly used, blemished, or otherwise imperfect and have been collected by the foundation from manufacturers and retailers.

The foundation is currently awarding acoustic guitars, electric guitars, acoustic-electric guitars, bass guitars, and the equipment necessary to play them. However, other traditional music instruments, including string, woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments, as well as keyboards, are sometimes available. DJ equipment and computers are not available through the program.

The foundation awards instruments only to music instruction programs offered by public schools or 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organizations. To qualify as a music instruction program, participants must be learning how to make music. Music appreciation or entertainment programs do not qualify, and the participants may not be professional or career musicians.

Eligible programs must involve either in-school music classes in which students make music; afterschool music programs that are not run by the school; community music programs that offer music instruction to community members; or music therapy programs in which the participants actively make music.

Complete application and eligibility guidelines are available at the Fender Music Foundation Web site. Link to Complete RFP



Kids Tennis Club Matching Equipment Grant

Proposal Deadline: Rolling


Link: • Kids Tennis Club Matching Equipment Grant


USTA Southern is offering matching equipment grants to elementary schools that organize a Kids Tennis Club. Kids Tennis Clubs are designed to give kids the opportunity to sample tennis through supervised play and interactive activities while meeting new friends and enhancing their social and physical development. Because no courts are required, Kids Tennis Clubs can be located in a variety of open play settings including schools, parks, youth centers, and tennis facilities.
Local organizers will receive a free Kids Tennis Club Playbook highlighting fun and easy tennis activities, a clipboard, and access to customizable marketing materials once they register online at www.usta.com/kidstennisclubs.
Schools are required to be an organizational member of the USTA ($35 per year) to be eligible for the matching equipment grant. Memberships entitle schools to receive significant equipment discounts from major tennis equipment manufacturers. Please note: This grant is available for schools in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.



Walmart/Sam's Club Giving Program

Proposal Deadline: Rolling Link: • Walmart Store and Sam's Club Giving Program The Wal-Mart Foundation will give $1,000-5,000 to programs and initiatives that address the educational needs of under-served young people ages 12-25. Examples include programs focused on high school success, access and retention of first-generation college students, and adolescent literacy. The Foundation has a particular interest in supporting veterans and military families, traditionally under-served groups, individuals with disabilities, and people impacted by natural disasters. Eligible applicants include K-12 schools and colleges with current tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.



Pets in the Classroom Grant


Proposal Deadline: Rolling Link: http://www.petsintheclassroom.org   Pets in the Classroom is an educational grants program to support school teachers with aquarium fish or small pets in the classroom. The Pet Care Trust understands that many school teachers have very limited resources for the support of classroom animals. That's why the Trust sponsors this program to help teachers support pets in the classroom through direct, no-hassle grants. You can obtain a grant or coupon for the purchase of new pets, pet environments, or pet food and supplies for existing classroom pets.

Program Areas:Miscellaneous, Science/Environment

Recipients:Public Schools, Private/Charter Schools

Average Amount:$50.00 - $150.00



Availability:All States




CHS Foundation Mini-Grants

Link: http://www.chsfoundation.org/

Proposal Deadline: Rolling

The CHS Foundation grants up to $1,000 to innovative academic and leadership programs that strengthen student learning and enhance professional development. Examples include: leadership training opportunities, mentorship programs, professional development experiences, and student fundraising efforts. Student eligibility and funding criteria: must be a campus-sanctioned club/organization; must have an agricultural-related focus; may receive only one grant per academic semester; and must have an advisor/contact person. Regular and ongoing club expenses are ineligible.

Program Areas:Professional Development, Science/Environment, Vocational

Recipients:Public Schools, Private/Charter School, Higher Education

Average amount:$1,000.00



Availability:All States


Free Books from First Book


Link: http://booksforkids.firstbook.org/

Proposal Deadline: Rolling

The First Book National Book Bank distributes large quantities of publisher-donated brand-new books to programs serving children from low-income families. The books are free to organizations that are able to pick them up or just the cost of shipping to have them shipped. After registering with First Book, organizations will receive email notifications alerting them when book distribution applications are available. Eligible organizations must either be a Title 1 school, a specially-designated government institution, or a non-profit organization with at least 80% of the children coming from low-income families.


NEA Student Achievement Grants

Link: http://www.neafoundation.org/pages/educators/knowledge-and-resources/grantee-resources/

Proposal Deadline: Rolling

Description:The NEA Foundation provides grants to improve the academic achievement of students in U.S. public schools and public higher education institutions in any subject area(s). The proposed work should engage students in critical thinking and problem solving that deepen their knowledge of standards-based subject matter. The work should also improve students' habits of inquiry, self-directed learning, and critical reflection. Proposals for work resulting in low-income and minority student success with honors, advanced placement, or other challenging curricula are particularly encouraged.

Amount:The grant amount is $5,000. Grant funds may be used for resource materials, supplies, equipment, transportation, software, or scholars-in-residence. Although some funds may be used to support the professional development necessary to implement the project, the majority of grant funds must be spent on materials or educational experiences for students.

Restrictions:Grant funds may not be used to: support after-school, weekend, or summer programs;pay indirect costs, grant administration fees, or salaries;pay stipends to the applicants;support conference fees for more than one person.Funds may not be used for lobbying or religious purposes. Identical applications will not be considered.

Notification: Applications may be submitted at any time. Applicants are encouraged to plan ahead. Applications are reviewed three times per year, every year. Application RECEIVED by Notification

February 1      April 15 June 1            September 15 October 15      January 15

Duration:Grants will fund activities for 12 months from the date of the award.



Reading Resource Project

Link: http://www.lefbooks.org

Proposal Deadline: Rolling

Sponsored by the LEF, the Reading Resource Project is an ongoing program that runs throughout the year. The program distributes books free of charge to literacy programs. Recipients only pay shipping, handling, and administrative costs, which is only $0.68 per book ($68 per set of 100 books). Reading Resource Project books come in sets of 100 and are available for grades preK-2. There will not be more than five copies of the same book in any set.








Toshiba America Foundation Invites Applications for K-5 Science and Math Projects


Proposal Deadline: October 1, 2017


The Toshiba America Foundation is accepting grant applications from K-5 grade school teachers for innovative science or math projects in their own classroom.


The foundation awards individual grants of up to $1,000 to K-5 teachers in public or private nonprofit schools in support of hands-on science or math education projects. The funds are for project-related materials only. The foundation strongly encourages projects planned and led by individual teachers or teams of teachers for their own classrooms.


Summer projects or afterschool programs will not be considered, and salaries, facility maintenance, textbooks, video production, audio-visual equipment, and education research will not be funded.


See the Toshiba America Foundation website for complete program guidelines, information about past recipients, and application instructions.


Link to Complete RFP



Youth Service America: BE FEARLESS BE KIND Grants

Proposal Deadline: October 31, 2017


Youth Service America (YSA) is partnering with Hasbro's signature philanthropic initiative, BE FEARLESS BE KIND, to encourage young people to stand up for others, include everyone, and take action when they see a problem. BE FEARLESS BE KIND Grants give young people an opportunity to put their empathy, passion, and creativity into action as they help make the world a better place. Grants of $500, $1,000, or $2,000 will be provided to nonprofit organizations and K-12 schools throughout the United States to support youth-led community projects that take place through December 15, 2017. These projects should address meaningful local and global issues through Awareness, Service, Advocacy, and Philanthropy (ASAP). Applications will be accepted and grants awarded on a rolling basis until October 31, 2017. Visit the YSA website to learn more about the application process.


Link: Youth Service America: BE FEARLESS BE KIND Grants


Nature Works Everywhere Grants for K-12 Schools

Proposal Deadline: November 3, 2017


Nature Works Everywhere Grants for K-12 Schools, an initiative of The Nature Conservancy, supports projects that involve students in developing a nature-based, green infrastructure solution to an environmental challenge in their community. Whether addressing issues surrounding access to healthy food, air quality, heat island effect, climate change, or storm water collection, youth will be empowered as social innovators to model solutions in their school communities through project design and implementation. The program will award a total of 60 grants of $2,000 to K-12 public and charter schools across the country. The application deadline is November 3, 2017. Visit the Nature Works Everywhere website to download the Grant Description and submit an online application.


Link: Nature Works Everywhere Grants for K-12 Schools


Solve for Tomorrow


  • Type: Corporate
  • Category: Competitive
  • Source: Samsung


  • Award Min: Not Stated
  • Award Max: Not Stated
  • Quantity: Not Stated


  • Deadline: Nov 09, 2017
  • Funding Available: $2,000,000.00
  • Visit Website


All publicly financed schools are eligible to participate. Charter schools that derive at least 50% of their operating funds from public sources are also eligible.


Designed to boost interest and proficiency in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM), this nationwide contest challenges public school teachers and students in grades 6-12 to show how STEAM can be applied to help improve their local community.

Additional Info:

STEAM teachers in grades 6-12 can submit an application through Nov. 9 for a chance to win a share of $2 million worth of Samsung tech. The application asks three questions about how students plan to use STEAM to combat a local challenge, which can focus on poverty, equality challenges and other issues.



FY18 21st Century Community Learning Centers

Proposal Deadline: November 20, 2017

As authorized under the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), Title IV, Part B, Twenty-First Century Community Learning Centers (CCLC), the Office of Next Generation Schools and Districts is issuing a Request for Application (RFA) for local school districts, community and faith-based organizations, as well as other qualifying private and governmental organizations to design and implement effective out-of-school programs that improve student achievement and social development.


The 21st Century Community Learning Centers (21st CCLC) program provides academic, artistic and cultural enrichment opportunities for children, particularly students who attend high–poverty and low-performing schools, to meet state and local standards in core academic subjects, such as reading, math and science.  The purpose is to provide students with homework assistance and a broad array of activities that can complement their regular academic programs while also promoting youth development; and to offer literacy and other educational services to the families of participating children. Programs must ensure the academic services they provide are aligned with the school’s curriculum in the core subject areas.



The KDE will post the top 3 applications from each awarded category with future RFAs like this one.  If your agency is awarded grant funds as a result of your application for this RFA and your application is one of the top 3 in its category, then it will be posted with future RFAs.   This will allow other applicants to see how high quality applications are developed. 


The questions deadline is October 23, 2017 at noon (EST). All questions must be sent to KDERFP@education.ky.gov.

The application submission deadline is November 20, 2017 at 4:00pm (EST).


FY18 21st CCLC RFA

Grant Cycles 1 through 14


RPM Foundation Invites Applications for Vintage Vehicle Restoration Education Programs

Proposal Deadline: December 8, 2017


The RPM Foundation is dedicated to ensuring that skills necessary to preserve and restore collector vehicles are not lost by providing scholarships and educational grants to students and organizations committed to hands-on training of the trades.


Grants will be awarded to organizations for programs that provide hands-on education and teaching of the specialized skills and knowledge needed to maintain vintage cars, trucks, and boats. Grant amounts are determined on  a project-by-project basis.


To be eligible, applicants must have tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Priority will be given to organizations serving high school and college students.


For complete program guidelines and application instructions, visit the RPM Foundation website.


Link to Complete RFP



The Beacon Invites Submissions for Technology-Focused K-8 Lesson Plans


Proposal Deadline: December 9, 2017

Technology and entertainment blog The Beacon is inviting submissions of technology-focused lesson plans for its Technology Teacher Grant competition.


Prizes of up to $1,000 will be awarded for lesson plans that teach students between kindergarten and eighth grade why technology is important (and how to use it) in any given subject. Plans must encourage participation and engagement with in-class demonstrations and hands-on learning opportunities.


Six lesson plans will be chosen to receive gift cards for classroom supplies, educational subscriptions, and apps for students. First and Second Place plans will receive gift cards valued at $1,000. Third, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Place plans will receive gift cards valued at $500 each. Winners will be announced (and winning lesson plans will be featured) on The Beacon.


All applicants must be employed full-time as a K-12 grade teacher at an elementary school, middle school, or high school in the United States. In addition, all applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent legal residents of the United States.


For complete program guideline and application instructions, visit the Beacon website.


Link to Complete RFP



Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children, The Foundation of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

Proposal Deadline: December 15, 2017


Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children, The Foundation of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry is committed to improving the quality of pediatric oral health in the United States. Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children Grants support dentist-led, community-based initiatives throughout the country that provide dental care and ultimately serve as a Dental Home to underserved/limited access children. Special consideration will be given to initiatives that support the age-one dental visit, emphasize care to patients up to age five, provide care to special needs patients, address the needs of specific underserved demographic groups, and incorporate systemic health, i.e., diabetes, cancer, etc. Single-year grants of up to $20,000 are provided. Online proposals must be submitted by December 15, 2017. Visit the Foundation’s website to review the 2018-19 grant guidelines.


Link: Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children, The Foundation of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry