07/21/17 — The Interactive Classroom (REPEAT SESSION)

The Interactive Classroom – REPEAT SESSION

July 21, 2017

WKEC Conference Center


Course Description:

This course is designed for speech pathologists and teachers to increase functional communication for students across all educational settings.  Participants will learn how to write an individual education plan for students using AAC and monitor progress to determine next steps.  The learner will gain a deeper understanding of how to model communication throughout the school day and how to provide multiple opportunities. Participants will be able to apply beginning/intermediate level skills to model communication using core/fringe vocabulary to increase students’ language comprehension and expression and how to monitor progress.



07/27/17 — MSD New Teacher Bootcamp Day 1-MAKE-UP

MSD New Teacher Bootcamp Day 1- MAKE-UP

July 27, 2017


WKEC Conference Center – Eddyville, KY

This professional learning opportunity is the first in a series of modules for NEW MSD teachers to receive support in learning critical information necessary for successful program planning for students with MSD.  Follow-up coaching and technical support will be provided upon teacher request following these modules.



07/28/17 — IEP Training (REPEAT SESSION)

IEP Training

July 28, 2017


WKEC Conference Center

Presenters: Patty Grable and Carla Mangels

This session will provide direct instruction in using the Guidance Document as a guide for creating a meaningful, data-driven Individual Education Plan that is compliant and directly aligned with a student’s individual needs, strengths, learning style, and goals.


08/14/17 – Novice Reduction Workshops Day 1


Morning Session:  8:30am-11:30am  In-Depth Analysis of the Processes in Need of Repair for Whole School Improvement:   A three hour workshop which requires leadership to make connections to present conditions and the key processes that are a true catalyst for improvement in schools and districts. Leadership will identify resources, planning tools, and strategies that can be used in their continuous improvement planning (CDIP/CSIP) to improve the quality of the work in Novice Reduction

Afternoon Session:  12:30pm-3:30pm  The Importance of Balanced Assessment Practices in Novice Reduction:   A three hour workshop for leaders to align their work in Novice Reduction and school improvement to more effective assessment practices, with specific focus on student feedback and self-regulation.

*You may come to both sessions or you may choose to come to either the morning session or the afternoon session.

No Cost

Location:  WKEC Conference Center – 435 Outlet Avenue, Eddyville, KY


08/15/17 – Novice Reduction Day 2


Novice Reduction Strategies that Impact Student Learning

A six hour workshop intended for school leadership and teachers that requires participants to deeply reflect on the current practices in classrooms. Participants will investigate Hattie, Marzano, and Brookhart strategies that are proven to produce a high impact on the novice learner.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Location: 435 Outlet Avenue, Eddyville, KY


08/17/17 — Novice Reduction with Continuous Classroom Improvement (Cohort 2) – INVITATION ONLY

Novice Reduction with Continuous Classroom Improvement (Cohort 2) – 2 day training

BY INVITATION ONLY. Below is a list of the schools that can send someone to this training:

Hopkins Co Schools (all)

Mayfield Middle School

Mayfield Elementary School

Lone Oak Middle School

Ballard Elementary

Hopkinsville High School

Fulton Independent Schools


DATE: Aug 17-18 (Cohort 2 Admins, Instructional Coaches, Teaching Teams AND any Admins or Instructional Coaches that did not attend this training from Cohort 1 last year.)


Continuous Classroom Instruction


LOCATION: West KY Educational Cooperative Conference Center, 435 Outlet Dr.,Eddyville, KY 42038


TIME:  8:30-3:30


WKEC is inviting your school to participate in our novice reduction initiative. Co-teaching teams are preferred but not required. Novice Reduction Using Continuous Classroom Improvement is designed to help teachers implement specific strategies to address high percentages of novice students. In this systems approach, educators learn to build classroom learning systems, engage students in the learning process, implement continuous improvement strategies, and enhance classroom instruction that improves student results.

Educators will:

· Learn and apply principles of a systems approach to continuous improvement to the classroom

· Engage students in partnering to build and continually improve the classroom learning system

· Develop student information systems capable of supporting student-led conferences as critical components in improving classroom and student learning results

The initiative includes training for classroom teachers and school administrators in the Continuous Classroom Improvement process and follow-up coaching by WKEC staff to ensure fidelity of implementation. Participation in the professional learning opportunities listed below are required for participation. There is no cost to participate other than substitutes and travel to training locations.

When you register, you are registering for both days.


08/18/17 — Structuring for Success for Preschool and Elementary Students


Title:            Structuring for Success for Preschool and Elementary Students

Date:            Friday, August 18th

Time:           8:30-2:30

Location:      CFSB Center (Murray Room), Murray State University

1401 State Route  121 North
Murray, KY  42071-3352


This interactive session is intended for preschool and elementary teachers, consultants, therapists, paraprofessionals or administrators responsible for providing highly structured learning for students with ASD or other disabilities. Participants will be taught strategies to assist them in creating appropriate, individualized learning environments for students which increase communication, learning, and behavior management.  The five principles of structured learning proven highly effective to be highlighted include the following:  Physical Structure, Daily Schedule, Work Systems, Routine, and Visual Structuring of Tasks.    If you have questions please contact Sherida Gentry or Nancy Lovett

 (This is a repeat session from fall 2016) 




08/31/17 — Alternat Assessment for New MSD Teachers

Title:   Alternate Assessment for NEW MSD Teachers

Date:  Thursday, August 31, 2017

Time:  8:30-2:30

Location:  WKEC-CC, Eddyville, KY


This work session is designed for brand NEW MSD teachers responsible for instruction of the Alternate K-PREP Standards and administration of the Alternate Assessment.  Participants will learn about the major components of the Alternate Assessment including the following:  grade level requirements, grade level standards, timelines for administration, and procedural requirements.  Upon completion of the work session, participants should be able to pass the KDE required online training required for administration of AA 2017-18.  


09/19/17 – KDE Updates for School Counselors

Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) Updates for School Counselors

Presenter:  Robin McCoy, Comprehensive Guidance Counseling Program Coordinator

Robin McCoy serves as a school counselor in Nelson County, KY and recently joined the Kentucky Department of Education as the Comprehensive Guidance Counseling Program Coordinator.  This position will serve as a liaison between the department and other school counselors and school counseling agencies on academic, college/career, and mental health initiatives for Kentucky students. This is the first position at the Kentucky Department of Education that has encompassed all of the roles and responsibilities for current school counselors.

Robin will present updates from KDE that impact our school counselors as they work within their comprehensive school counseling programs.

    1. Dual Credit
    2. Minimum Graduation Requirements: inclusion of CPR and the new civics test requirement
    3. Our role in the proposed accountability model:
    4. Transition Readiness-What are the proposed changes? What does this mean for school counselors as they work to ensure successful transitions for all students?
    5. Opportunity and Access-How are counselors meeting the needs of the whole child and how will this be measured?


Date:  September 19, 2017

Time:  Noon – 3:30 p.m.

Location:   WKEC Conference Center, Eddyville, KY


09/21/2017 – RTI at Work Model Implementation

The Cost for this workshop is $100 per participant.

This workshop will center on the work of PLC and RTI expert Mike Mattos, who co-created the RTI at Work model.  The RTI at Work model uses team structures and a focus on learning results and collaboration to drive successful outcomes.  Participation in this workshop will assist school and/or district teams to create a tiered system of student support that includes:

  • Tier I: Core instruction that ensures all students have access to rigorous essential grade-level curriculum, highly effective teaching, and embedded academic/behavior support
  • Tier II: Supplemental interventions that support students in grade-level curriculum, immediate prerequisite skills and academic/social behavior expectations
  • Tier III: Intensive interventions that develop foundational prerequisite academic skills and behaviors without removing students from essential grade level curriculum.

Date:          September 21, 2017

Time:         8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Target Audience:  Classroom Teachers, Principals, Central Office Administrators.  District Teams are encouraged to attend.

Location:  WKEC Conference Center – 435 Outlet Avenue, Eddyville, KY


10/24/17 — Tactile Symbols for Communication

Tactile Symbols for Communication

Presenter: UK professor, Gerald Abner, and KSB Consultants, Regina Quaid and Robbin Cox

Time: 9am to 3pm

Location: WKEC Conference Center in Eddyville, KY

Teachers of VI are encouraged to invite teachers of FMD and Speech/Language Pathologists

Attendees will be introduced to Tactile Connection symbol cards and various ways to use them for students with vision disabilities.  Teachers will work in groups and design communication cards for students in their classroom.

No fee




12/05/17 – Strobel Education: Genius Hour

The cost for this workshop is $75 per participant.


Genius Hour

During Genius Hour students of all levels are empowered to explore their own passions. Discover how to transform your classroom into a place where students want to come in and learn, where creativity and motivation flourish.

Date:          December 5, 2017

Time:         8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Target Audience:  K-12 English-Language Arts Teachers, Content Area Teachers, Literacy Coaches, Title I Teachers & Directors, ELL Teachers, Special Education Teachers Gifted & Talented Teachers, K-12 Administrators

Location:  WKEC Conference Center – 435 Outlet Avenue, Eddyville, KY