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November 2021

November 4th
WKEC Conference Center - Eddyville

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IEP Development:  Using Data to Drive the Process

Thursday, September 30, 2021


Presented by Tammy Williams, WKEC Director of Special Education and Carla Mangels, WKEC Special Education Professional Learning Consultant

AUDIENCE:     Special Education teachers, related service providers, ARC Chairpersons


This session will focus on the IEP Guidance Document as a guide for creating a data-driven and outcome-focused Individual Education Program, defining and identifying methods of measurement, collecting/graphing progress data, analyzing,  interpreting, and making instructional decisions about students, and demonstrating the linkage between progress monitoring and writing present levels for annual goals.

All participants should bring a copy of the July 2019 IEP Guidance Document, as well as a printed copy of an IEP with progress monitoring data to the training.


-  Use the IEP Guidance Document to develop an IEP that is compliant and outcome-driven

-  Identify and develop effective and efficient methods of measurement to determine baseline data and monitor student

   progress on Measurable Annual Goals

-  Set up a progress monitoring system and analyze and interpret student progress monitoring data.

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November 17th 9:00am-10:00am

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Wellness Wednesday


Gratitude - Why It Really Matters


The act of gratitude is something that most people promote and believe is very important to instill in our children. However, did you you know that scientifically, the act of gratitude helps the person giving as much as the person receiving? In this session, we will take a deeper look into gratitude and learn why expressing gratitude is a part of wellness. We will also explore different tips and strategies that can be used to show gratitude in a healthy and normal way for both adults and students.


TARGET AUDIENCE:   All School Staff - Counselors, Administrators, Teachers, Support Staff

1- Become familiar with the background and science on expressing gratitude
2- Make personal connections to both giving and receiving gratitude
3- Learn strategies on ways to express gratitude for both adults and students

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1 hour of PD/EILA credit offered upon completion of feedback form.

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November 18th
In-Person - 

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How to Effectively Document Alternate Assessment Participation Decisions

This session is designed for ARCs to improve their practices for determining which students should participate in alternate assessment and how to effectively document those decisions. Participants will provided with sample agendas, and other tools that can be used by ARCs to make appropriate decisions for students participating in alternate assessment while meeting compliance for documentation of these decisions. 

AUDIENCE:  Anyone participating in ARCs to determine AA participation:  Special Education Teachers (LBD, MSD), Counselors, ARC Chairpersons, School Psychologists, SLPs, Consultants/Coaches 


1.Participants will receive an Overview of the Alternate Assessment eligibility
2. Participants will learn how to determine Alternate Assessment participation and document data based 
3.Participants will learn how to develop a District process for implementing and monitoring AA eligibility


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December 2021

December 2nd
WKEC Conference Center - Eddyville

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Zones of Regulation

The Zones of Regulation is a systematic, cognitive-behavioral approach used to teach us how to regulate our feelings, energy and sensory needs in order to meet the demands of the situation around us and be successful socially. The Zones can be used across the school to give a common language to understanding and working through different situations.

AUDIENCE:  School teams preferred- suggestion of team members include: counselor, administrator, general education teacher, special education teacher

*Get Ready- Learn what the Zones of Regulation framework is and how it connects to SEL and PBIS initiatives in your school

*Get Set- Gain implementation strategies for feeling recognition and self-regulation

*Go- Gather resources to take back to begin implementing right away

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December 6th
8:30am - 2:30pm

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Threat Assessment Training

LENGTH: (6) Hours | EILA Credit Provided

Comprehensive School Threat Assessment Guidelines Training

December 6, 2021

In-person--WKEC Conference Center, Eddyville, KY

8:30-2:30  (lunch on your own 11:30-12:30)


Research has shown that students in special education make disproportionately more threats, as well as more severe threats, than peers in general education. As a result, WKEC is pleased to present Dr. Dewey Cornell’s Comprehensive School Threat Assessment Guidelines.

This model provides a 5-step decision tree and triage approach which will enable most threats to be acted upon immediately and resolved quickly. Schools are encouraged to attend this training as a multi-disciplinary team, which may include a School Principal or Assistant Principal, School Resource Officer, School Psychologist, School Counselor, School Social Worker or other team members. One of the key factors in this threat assessment model is to distinguish between transient threats (those threats spoken in anger and frustration and can be resolved easily) and substantive threats (those threats which include serious intent and detailed plans).  Thus, a threat assessment plan will delineate the difference between a student MAKING a threat versus the student who POSES a threat.

**Although it is recommended that each person on the school or district Threat Assessment team has a copy of Comprehensive School Threat Assessment Guidelines manual, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that each team has at least one manual.

Available here from or by purchase order from School Threat Assessment Consultants LLC at ISBN 978-0-692-19210-8