Sessions at a Glance

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Beginners Guide to Instructional Coaching

Learn how to begin a coaching program at your school, and receive materials used to guide teachers through goal setting and professional improvement.

Presenter: Katie Vaught, Hopkins County Schools

DEIB: The Equity Work Journey

Interactive workshop that brings to life the formation of the Paducah Public Schools Equity work through the formation of a District Equity Advisory Council in addition to a Student Equity Advisory Council.

Presenter: Shonda Burrus, Paducah Public Schools

Teacher and SLP Team Collaboration for Successful Push-in Therapy

This session will provide participants with a new understanding for developing and implementing push-in speech therapy in MSD or structured resource classrooms. This Session will give evidence of the useful of push-in therapy and provide a plan for developing a push-in therapy schedule and uses for the elementary, middle and high school level classrooms. Focusing on SLP/Teacher collaboration and methods to promote generalization of functional communication and embedding communication in core instruction and the KSA-AA

Presenter: Kevin Stephens, WKEC

The Importance of Family Literacy and How Adult Education Services Can Partner with Your School District

This session will highlight data from "Bridges out of Poverty" on how the cycle of poverty and lack of literacy impacts families and how we can break the cycle.

Presenter: Tina Peery & Chrissy Bush, Kentucky Adult Education

Keeping Original Thinking in the Digital World of ChatGPT

In November 2022, OpenAI launched a new program called ChatGPT (generative pre-trained transformer). As the world of generative Artificial Intelligence grows with tools that can write essays, create images and art, compose music, generate code, etc., teachers today face a lot of complex questions. While programs like ChatGPT can deliver a passing essay in seconds, what is stopping our students from having these systems do all of their work for them? What are the potential implications for the future of education? How do we demonstrate that original thinking is more important than ever?

Presenter: Rodney Holt, WKEC

Student Engagement Strategies

Bueller? Bueller? Anyone? Ever feel like this in your classroom? This session will give you specific strategies to engage all students in any grade and any content.

Presenter: Ryan Marchetti, Calloway County

5 Tech Tools For Any Classroom

Learn about 5 tech tools that you can take back to your classroom and use right away! These 5 include Pear Deck, Flip, Book Creator, Gimkit, and Explore Boards.

Presenter: Natalie Pepper, Caldwell County

Double the Math

This session will provide resources for the math classroom of how to build early numeracy skills at the elementary level. Strategies for the use of small groups will be covered during this session. The resources and strategies shared will be able to be used in the classroom daily.

Presenter: Jennifer Kemp, Warren County

LETRS--Transforming Literacy Instruction

This is an overview of the LETRS professional development course. LETRS is a free 2 year course offered by the state to provide knowledge and tools teachers can use with any good reading program to improve literacy instruction. It fits within the science of reading and the knowledge is based on the most current research.

Presenter: Amanda Sparks, Marshall County

Overview of PBIS/ISF- The Cohort Approach

PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) has enhanced over the last decade to truly become an integrated multi-tiered system of support for the social-emotional-behavioral needs of all individuals in the school building. Join us for a brief overview of PBIS and ISF (Interconnected Systems Framework) as we provide a brief overview of what this looks like and discuss ways that we can support districts and school teams as your work to reestablish or enhance your current PBIS systems.

Presenter: Kayla Jones, Carla Mangels, & Candice Frick, WKEC

Math Strategies for Students with Disabilities

This session will include guided math examples, using manipulatives in the secondary math classroom, and best practices for meeting the needs of special education students in the math class.

Presenter: Emily Fox, WKEC

District and School PBIS Panel for Implementation

Interested in enhancing or revamping your PBIS systems within your district or school? Don't know where to start? Come and listen to a panel of district and school leaders that have participated in the PBIS cohort through WKEC. Hear where they are currently at in their process, what they have learned along the way, and suggestions they have for those that want to improve their social-emotional-behavioral supports.

Panel participants range from superintendent to instructional supervision to DPP to DoSE to principals to counselors to teachers- at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. Each participant plays a valuable role on their team and there is information to share and learn at all levels.

Tech It to the Next Level: Plan Effective EdTech Training

You've built the foundation, now what? This session highlights the importance of proper continued technology training and support for educators and shares data that emphasizes the need for the right kind of technology training, at the right time. We will share frameworks and resources to plan for and support effective EdTech implementation.

Presenter: Abbigail Morris & Jessica Pryor, Murray State University

How to Build a Cognitively Vibrant Math Classroom

Learn how to "Establish a Culture of Learning". Not with expensive materials, sleepless nights, and a district-wide curriculum, but with rich tasks, student collaboration, and high expectations.

Presenter: Kathryn Followell, Graves County

Universal STEM

A session to encourage teachers how to get involved in the Universal STEM project, which focuses on connecting curriculum through common projects.

Presenter: Amanda Leclere & Stephanie Shelton, Hickman County

STEM Challenges - Engineering Design from a Teacher’s Perspective

Teachers who are involved in STEM challenges with Gear Up are helping their students meet the engineering standards of NGSS. Students not only get a glimpse of what an engineer does, but gets to use their creativity and critical thinking to solve real world problems.

Presenter: Melinda Smith, Caldwell County & Susan Beatty, WKEC

PBL in the Middle

Project Based Learning in Middle School Classrooms. Block Coding for Microbits, App designs, Drones, Spheros, etc.

Presenter: Ken Geary, Crittenden County

Pivot - Adaption and Balance

Pivot allows teachers to step back from their classroom and determine what changes need to be made to make their life easier. Teachers will define their core values and identify the areas in their "teacher life" that make them stressed, overworked and unhappy. This workshop will allow each guest to take home a tool kit of skills that allows them to return to the passion had before they started teaching. Taught by an instructor who has just finished 13 years, she has been the overworked and stressed but recently she has changed her mentality to become successful and happy in her program.

Presenter: Magan Woods, Caldwell County

Building Math Thinkers

When we want students to become big thinkers, we have to make thinking a priority. I will discuss how to foster problem-solving and critical thinking skills in your math classroom, by using engaging activities, rich math tasks, and hands-on games/centers. I will discuss strategies and techniques that can be used to promote reasoning and provide students with opportunities to learn from one another.

Customer Service - The Mouse, A Chicken and Beyond

Dive into what it takes to provide extraordinary customer service to families, students, the community, and stakeholders. Find out more about simple customer service techniques and easy ways to improve the customer service you provide.

Presenter: Jinger Carter & Megan Mortis, Henderson County Schools

Co-Teaching that Works

This session will provide an overview of what co-teaching is and how to best implement it. We will include strategies for planning, even when you do not have co-planning, differentiating, teaching, behavior management, and rapport building. We will also discuss how to build trust and reliance with your Collab teacher. If you have a co-teaching class this is the session for you!

Presenter: Breanna Young & Tara Crowley, Hopkins County Schools

Differentiation in Elementary Math

Ever wonder how to ensure all your students are learning every day? There are so many simple strategies to use in your classroom that differentiates for the needs of ALL students. Join me in learning a few that I use every day!

Presenter: Erin Soltys, McCracken County Schools

Productive Struggle is Real

What is productive struggle and why it is important for all students to experience? Join this session to learn the what and why, including the brain science behind it, and how to allow for productive struggle in the classroom.

Presenter: Karson Hendrickson, Marshall County

See the Sound-Visual Phonics and its Uses

See the Sound-Visual Phonics is a multi-sensory approach to teach phonic skills to beginning readers utilizing 52 unique hand cues. Participants of this session will learn how a local elementary school staff applied their formal training in Visual Phonics within their instructional day.  This resulted in significant gains in literacy and speech sound production skills. Attendees will hear successful tricks and tips from a general education teacher, MSD teacher, speech/language pathologist, and instructional assistant.

Presenter: Justin Cunningham, Graves County

String Stories & Voice Overs: A Make-and-Take Session

This hands-on, interactive session is a two for one! You will get to make-and-take two projects, both of which are adaptable for various contents, connection building activities and are appropriate for a wide range of ages and types of learners. We will be working with string/ribbon/fabric, magazines, and glue. Phones will be used for the voice over portion of project 2.

Presenter: Miranda Meeks, Caldwell County

A Little Shot of enCOURAGEment

My name is Miranda. I teach art, and theatre, and I had my first illustrated children's book published the week the pandemic started. It was a wild time, for all of us. In this session you will learn about the children's book series I illustrate and explore fun visual and auditory strategies you can incorporate into literacy. Sprinkled with encouragement, creativity, and hands-on activities, this session should be a time for you to refill your educator and personal tank. While I'll be modeling things through a children's book, these concepts are adaptable to all ages. One lucky person who attends my session will receive a free copy of book 1, "The Little Shot: Courage". I will have physical copies on sight for purchase opportunities.

Presenter: Miranda Meeks, Caldwell County

OpenSciEd - The Worries and the Wins with Implementation

I want to share what I’ve learned about implementing OpenSciEd in the Middle School. This curriculum is doing great things for my teaching and for my students. I would like to help others get started or at least consider OpenSciEd. I am not an expert as this is just year 3 for me using OpenSciEs, but I am a real teacher learning to use the OpenSciEd in a way that fits my personality, my pedagogy, and fits the needs of my students.

Presenter: Kimberly Williams, McLean County

*Additional Sessions Announced Daily*