Collaborative Response to Reimagine Schools for All

The WKEC CRRSA Team develops and provides support for the region by collaborating with districts to plan, create and implement school environments where students are thriving in academic their achievements and mental health.


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Collaborate with districts and schools to:

  • support specific training requests

  • showcase effective instructional practices that arose from the pandemic

  • provide networks to assist in building capacity among school leaders

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Collaborate with districts and schools to:

  • adjust curriculum and pacing guides

  • plan effective spiral review using quality classroom resources for accelerated learning

  • create a data warehouse concise student analysis

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Collaborate with districts and schools to:

  • provide staff with Tier I, II and III strategies Learning Acceleration and Social Emotional Learning

  • offer ready-to-use time saving materials for administrators allowing them to focus on the daily tasks at hand

  • share methods to optimize student-teacher relationships