WKEC STOP & Connect Program

The STOP and CONNECT grant will equip students, educators, school resources officers (SROs), community partners, and parents with the skills needed to be resilient and resourceful to reduce the threat of school violence and increase safety in these schools as students learn how to connect with their feelings, friends, community, and futures in a safe, positive school environment.

Terry Sullivan

Stop & Connect Grant Director

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Kristen Tilford

Kristen Tilford

School Climate Specialist

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Awarded Districts

School districts included in the grant are as listed:

  • Ballard County

  • Caldwell County

  • Carlisle County

  • Crittenden County

  • Dawson Springs Independent

  • Fulton Independent

  • Fulton County

  • Hickman County

  • Livingston County

  • Mayfield Independent

  • Paducah Public Schools


Digital Cyber Literacy

Neptune Navigate—Comprehensive online modules that teach students and adults how to stay smart and safe in a digital world and alert letters and tips to parents each week including staff online updates

Connected Reporting System

Tassel Connect—A reporting mobile app that allows students/staff/parents to anonymously report threats and concerns to SROs and school administrators at specific schools while also allowing students to connect to counselors/mentors/SROs they trust for help in crisis situations, to report threats or problems, or to just reach out to when they are having issues and need help. 

Mental Health & Wellness

Terrace Metrics Behavioral Surveys—Training of Staff—Counseling Services/Referrals—Ann Samons, School Climate Specialist, will be working with Dr. Rich Gilman, and counselors to identify the overall mental health and wellness of the students in each grade and provide assistance where needed.